Seaglass Earrings

The seaglass earrings are all wrapped in Sterling silver or 14KGF wire, with Czech crystals, Jet beads, Japanese Lotus pearls and glass seed beads.

All earrings are $39.95 with FREE shipping to anywhere in the USA

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Earrings 1 Earrings 2 Earrings 3 Earrings 4
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Earrings 5 Earrings 6 Earrings 7 Earrings 8
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Earrings 9 Earrings 10 Earrings 11 Earrings 12

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Bermuda Seaglass by Kelly

Unique Handmade Bermuda Seaglass Jewellery
Each piece, a one-of-a-kind creation!
Collected from glass that is polished by the ocean, salt and sand after years of wave action

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